Covid-19 Resources

Online structured education resources during COVID

MYDESMOND is an online course which patients with newly diagnosed type 2 Diabetes can be referred in to receive. They will be contacted to ensure they can use online education and provided with a unique login via their email. The course covers information identical to the group face to face sessions. The education access is available for 2 years to encourage patients to learn gradually and embed learning with reflection. A call from a DESMOND educator is booked for the patient to have access for clarification of information, individual advice and individual action planning support to assist motivation.

  • DAFNE remote education is a course for type 1 patients and mirrors the information that would have been provided by a face to face group DAFNE. This course is run over 5 weeks and there are 6 group sessions to check on learning, apply individually the DAFNE principles and weekly action planning for insulin dose adjustment. This course is run through Microsoft teams and patients need access to computer with microphone and camera to join successfully and be able to commit to each weekly session with weekly learning and application of learning.
  • Carbohydrate awareness sessions are to be offered for those patients with type 2 Diabetes who need more information to achieve good control. The course is run over 2 hours with 2 one hour sessions of small groups on Microsoft teams. The course is the same information as the face to face course but provided by a set programme of visual information to increase understanding with interactive sessions and quizzes to ensure learning is understood and can be applied individually. The aim of the course is to reduce carbohydrate intake where needed, spread intake and used low GI foods to achieve good control while having a balanced diet. Information is given on label reading, recognising carbohydrates and counting and adjusting amounts and type eaten.