West Herts Hospital NHS Diabetes Team

Meet the Team

Diabetes Specialist Nurses

Cathy Ansell

Sharon Jones

Tessa Jungnickel-Judge

Kieran Mullan

Phyllis Renehan

Laura Sharp

Katherine Tamayo

Mental Health

Hannah Osbourne (psychologist)

Sara McNally (psychiatrist)

Angela Hislop (social worker)


James Lee

Hannah Ezekiel

Specialist Nursing Assistant

Karen Newton


Celia Gomersall

Mandy Manning

Services offered – on 1 or more sites

  • Multidisciplinary  specialist clinics (consultant, specialist dietitian and/or DSN and/or specialist nursing assistant and/or mental health support present)
    • Combined antenatal
    • Foot
    • Pump (CSIII)
    • Review
    • Young Adult (aged 16-25 years)
  • DSN/dietician led clinics with mental health support as needed
  • MDT meetings for foot and mental health
  • Education programmes for patients and staff e.g. Type 1 refresher; pump awareness; GDM; Sugar and Spice

How to contact lead DSNs


Meet the Consultant Team