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Herts Valleys Education Team

Dr Nicola Cowap – Diabetes Clinical Lead, Herts Valleys CCG

Dr Nicola Cowap has been at Bridgewater House Surgeries in Watford for the past 15 years.  Prior to this, she worked in Tower Hamlets in East London where she first became interested in diabetes.  She completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes at Cardiff University in 2010 and in 2014 published a book for patients, ‘Journey through Diabetes’.  She has worked as a clinical lead for Herts Valleys CCG for the past five years. She is a GP trainer and is particularly interested in education – both of health professionals and patients. 

Maggie Carroll -Nursing Lead

I am the Clinical Nursing Lead of the Hertfordshire Integrated Diabetes Service , this service is provided by a team of specialist nurses who work collaboratively  with consultants , dieticians and other health care workers to ensure that patient care is delivered in a timely  and efficient manner .

We run Consultant Led Multi-Disciplinary Clinics within localities , as well as nurse led clinics . All of our team our Trained Educators and are actively involved in delivering DESMOND and DAFNE courses to our patient groups

My background is primary care , I  feel passionately about working alongside our primary care colleagues to provide a seamless service  for patients and embrace the opportunity to deliver joint clinics within General Practice

Claire Mearing –  Diabetes lead for Dietetics

I lead a team of Diabetes Dieticians across Herts Valley and we provide clinic support, education and home visits to people with diabetes. We have a team of committed Dieticians with a passion for enabling people to learn about their condition in a supportive environment.

Herts Valleys Diabetes Education

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