Diabetes Specialist Nurse (DSN)

About the Service

We aim to deliver high quality specialist diabetes care in the community, the service focuses on patients with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes in primary and community settings using the optimal use of resources and innovative models of care which aim to empower and promote patient self-management.

How the Service is Provided

  • Consultant Led Multi-Disciplinary Clinics
  • Virtual Clinics
  • Annual Practice visits led by Consultant
  • Locality Link Diabetes Specialist Nurses
  • Community specialist Diabetes Dietitian
  • Joint consultations by DSN and Dietitian
  • Diabetes Education for our Type 1 population [DAFNE] and Type 2 population [DESMOND] and Carbohydrate Awareness Course
  • Starting Insulin together [Group Sessions]
  • Learning Disability Diabetes Group Course

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What will happen at your Appointment

Aim is to empower and promote self-management of the client’s long term condition whilst referring and liaising with other health care professionals to improve outcomes.

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Helpful information for Patients

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Helpful Information for Professionals

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Group Insulin Start Groups

These courses are run over 2 weeks by the DSN and Diabetes Dietitian and enable people to transfer onto insulin with support. The course aims to increase knowledge and practice with insulin treatment aiming to minimise weight gain and improve dietary control at this crucial time. In the second week the patient has support with their control and to gain experience to manage their own diabetes with insulin.