Developing the Community

Would you like to help to develop this new community? There are many options to get engaged and the time you devote to this cause is entirely within your control.

The governance of HDSG is below:

  • Officers of HDSG – there are three Officers:
    • Alan Bellinger – Chair
    • Michelle Johns – Secretary
    • Jack Alvarez – Treasurer
    • Open – Communications
  • Leadership Team – a small group that focus on the key activities that make the day-to-day running of the HDSG happen; the Team meet regularly and most decisions are unanimous. The three Officers are members of the Leadership Team.
  • Advisory Group – a wider group that review the longer terms aims and plans for the Group and ensure that HDSG membership is fully engaged in the evolution of the Group.

Want to get more involved in running HDSG? contact our Chair by emailing